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For Charlene Sun
United States
This account was devoted to one thing: holding one final Rurouni Kenshin Contest this summer in the name of Hakubaikou, who was an inspiration to us all. She will be deeply missed.

The contest is over and the account is now dead. Thank you to everyone who helped. Sorry if you missed it.

Current Residence: deviantArt
Favourite style of art: HakuBaikou's
Favourite cartoon character: Himura Kenshin

Updates: Contest over. Account Closed Down.

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2009, 3:41 PM

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This is the final update for this account. The banners are all done and posted, so make sure you take a look at the awards page.

Once again, thank you to everyone for your support in making this contest great. It means a lot.  :hug:  Take care.

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News Article for HakuBaikou/Charlene Sun -->…
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Loss of a Friend

You were always two steps ahead of me
And I was happy to follow
But now your footprints have vanished before me
For you now walk where I cannot

Now I stand where your path ends
And as I look forward I wonder
Is this where you wanted to go
Or were you planning to go much farther

In my heart I know I will head toward the horizon
As I'm sure you planned to do
I will carry your memory with me forever
And I will walk where you could not

Dragon Dreams

And afterwards, all of my tears
began to overflow
"Last night I dreamt of dragons
This morning when they came
I let them take me with them
And left the world the same"

One night she dreamt of dragons
This morning when we knew
Her spirit had grown wings then
We mourned her as she flew

Tonight let's dream of dragons
Tomorrow we'll recall
The one who dreamt of dragons
And shared them with us all.
And the dragon's song, so wild and strong,
fell from the sky like rain

By bitter-melon

About Hakubaikou
I am pretty sure that every Kenshin fan on dA knows Hakubaikou.
:iconhakubaikou: . for her amazing Kenshin fan art, her fan site, and the annual Kenshin contest. I am sure a large percentage of fantasy art lovers know her as well for her breathtaking landscapes and fantasy characters painted in her gallery... so I am sure that a great many of us will feel the same sadness I feel to learn of her death.

She died in a car crash Jan 27, 2009. We are told it was instant and that she felt no pain... no, it is us who feel the pain.

Haku was an inspiration to me for so many reasons. When I first got on dA, I was just an anime fan artist... but Haku showed me that I could take my skills further by drawing realism that still looked like the anime, and because of her beautiful fan art, I was inspired to do the same. Then she started doing other, non-fan art related works, which showed me again that there is more to dA than sharing the love of existing anime. I started working on my own original stuff in part because of her example. Her annual contests showed me that by doing something every year, it can get big, and now I hold my coloring contests every year because I wanted to give colorists something like what Haku gave Kenshin fan artists. In a lot of ways, she inspired me to become the artist I am today, and now she is gone from this world forever. The saddest thing is that I know that I will never have the chance to tell her how much her work helped me to grow now. I was always too embarrassed to tell her so, but now I wish I had because now I will never have another chance to.

I wasn't the only person who felt a loss at her parting, and many of us shared the sentiment that a fitting tribute to her, and a way to help us find closure would be if we held one last Rurouni Kenshin contest in her name.  That is what this site is all about.

Please take a moment of silence now to remember her, and all that she has given us.

ForHakuBaikou by LeahCK

design & coding by Sliding-Panda
floral brushes by ro-stock
photo of lily by lusi


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